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The purpose of our Virginia Beach VA chiropractic office is "To help families get well and stay well for a lifetime." When you come in to see us, it's our job to help you reach a level of health greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

The brain controls and coordinates every cell in the body. The nerve system which consists of; the brain, spinal cord, the spinal nerves and miles of the peripheral nerves connect the brain to tissue cells. If there is any interference on your nerves, this is what we call a subluxation, there is a problem with the brain to body connection. The nerve system is in constant communication. There are 3 trillion bits of information in and out of the brain every second. We are consciously aware of approximately 50 bits of its information per second.


Chiropractic has a direct effect on the brain. Every time I adjust you I'm not putting a bone back in place to take pressure off of a nerve. Other chiropractors may do this, but I don't. So what does happen every time I adjust you? When I adjust you it has a positive impact on the brain. There is also a negative impact on your health when you have not been adjusted and there are subluxations in your body.

While we may help get a bone back in place to get pressure off of a nerve this only happens about 10% of the time.

A subluxation is when you have interference on a nerve. When you are subluxated, your brain is getting flooded with a ton of abnormal negative information. Every time I adjust you I correct that abnormal information with positive information.

We do this by having a direct link to your brain. Your brain links your nervous system to your hormone system. Every time you are subluxated you have negative stress hormones being released into the body. Every time I adjust you, I stop this process and your body floods you with positive hormones.

An example to better describe this is that your nervous system balances everything in your body. Not like a teeter totter, but more like a juggler. Normally it juggles 10 balls at a time. However the more you get stressed, more balls are added to this juggling act. At some point the stress will get to be so much that you can no longer balance everything. When that happens, all the balls fall and disease and illness start. Some examples you may experience would be pain, allergies, seizures, digestive or reproductive problems. So disease and illness start when your nervous system can no longer maintain balance anymore. An adjustment resets and recalibrates the hormones of the brain which can have positive life changing affects for you.

Stress Response

When your nervous system is out of balance, it triggers a stress response. Now normally a stress response is only 1 to 3 minutes long and that's normal and will help you. However, if it is a long term stress response then over time that will kill you. What if you are in a bad job, bad marriage, have a child with a chronic illness? What if you are subluxated and never have it corrected? This is when disease and illness start and why it is so devastating to the brain and the body.

The stress response affects men and women differently. Now men experiences fight or flight symptoms due to the stress response. So they are usually irritable when they are in that fight mode or want to be alone much of the time due to the flight part. On the other hand, women usually experience tend or befriend symptoms. They want to take care of things like the children or clean/organize the living area most of the time. If that doesn't help they will want to talk it out to help expel the toxicity.

So when you are subluxated it sends a massive negative response to the brain which will make your adrenal glands pump out adrenaline. Again, short term this is great for you. It takes blood to where it is needed to fuel your fight or flight stress response. However, long term it has massive negative consequences. Since you only have so much blood in your body, it will need to pull it from other places. It pulls it from 3 major systems which are your reproductive, immune and digestive/elimination systems which effectively shuts them down. So it decreases your ability to get pregnant and stay sexually healthy. It also decreases your ability to fight off infection, heal, and stay healthy. Lastly it decreases your ability to digest the food you eat, absorb the nutrients, and eliminate the waste. All of which have a massive negative effect on your overall health.

No matter where I adjust you, I reset the chemistry in your brain. This reallocates the blood back to the reproductive, immune and digestive/elimination systems. This allows you to heal, be healthy, and feel normal again.


When your nervous system is out of balance, it triggers a stress response. We already talked about adrenaline being released. The other problem hormone that is released is cortisol. The same unbalanced nervous system is sending abnormal negative information to the brain. The brain signals the body to release cortisol. Short term cortisol is a good deal since it gives you energy and makes you feel powerful. However long term cortisol it will kill you. So what if people's stressor never goes away? What if they have that terrible life that just never goes away and they are stressed and subluxated?

Subluxation stresses the body out in 2 ways. One is the physical distortion of the muscle and ligament tension and bone misalignment. The other is chemical stress which causes you massive amounts of inflammation. All of this equals abnormal negative information stressing the brain.

Cortisol affects your immune system and the memory and learning centers of the brain. So it decreases your ability to fight off infection, heal, and stay healthy. Also the more cortisol you have in your blood the harder it is for you to learn anything since it damages that part of the brain. When you get adjusted, it stops the abnormal production of cortisol and resets the hormones in your brain which will improve your memory and learning. This is huge for kids with or without learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Since kids born with or under a lot of stress can have learning and behavioral problems.

The last hormone in this downward cascade is Dopamine. Dopamine allows you to be happy. However you need just the right amount. Too little or too much and there is a problem. So how does this play into the stress response? When you have high levels of cortisol in your system it decreases the levels of dopamine.

To say 'you love life" you need dopamine and cortisol stops that. So when you are subluxated you may be depressed, hate life, or any other of the multitude of mental health issues. Also when you have a lack of dopamine you may have problems moving properly. You may also have tremors and have ADHD symptoms. Again this is huge for kids with ADHD or other attention deficit disorders.

No matter where I adjust you I reset the chemistry in your brain. This allows the hormones to balance back out which allows you to heal, be healthy, and be normal.


Discussion and open communication about your health concerns is always encouraged. Please feel comfortable to address any of your concerns with the doctor or staff at any time, so your goals and ours will combine to achieve maximum improvement in your health.


Each appointment is specially tailored to your condition. You'll receive chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle counseling. So please come on time and be prepared.

No problem! We believe corrective chiropractic care should be accessible for every family, so we have created our own cost effective care plans.

That's ok too. We are insurance friendly. Bring your card to your first appointment and we'll take a copy to verify if your insurance company participates with our office.

Most American's really don't have insurance, the ones that do often find that their chiropractic benefits are too limited to cover what their body really needs.

Let's face it. Insurance companies aren't designed for creating wellness or long term health. They are part of the sick care system. And worse yet, often times it seems their financial bottom line matters more than your health. We won't stand for that. We want families to have regular chiropractic care for life - because people getting adjusted regularly are healthier! We are proud to have created a system that makes long-term family wellness possible.

We support our military and their families since we know they need to have access to chiropractic care. So we have created special care plans for them.


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