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Just as a woman's body in Virginia Beach VA goes through incredible physiological and hormonal changes during pregnancy, it goes through just as many changes during the post-partum "4th Trimester".

Physical and Mental Changes in Virginia Beach VA

  • You went from nourishing and carrying a child in your womb to now carrying your baby around and breastfeeding.
  • The hormone Relaxin, which loosens joints in preparation for birth can circulate through the body for up to 6 months after giving birth. This makes it especially important to take care of yourself as you heal.
  • This also makes the 4th trimester the perfect time to heal "better" than you were before pregnancy!
  • Breastfeeding and/or pumping create postural changes that can cause tension in your neck, shoulders and back. The constant emptying and filling of your breasts coupled with looking down at your sweet baby can create a perfect storm of physical discomfort and more.
  • Pregnancy takes a LOT out of mom, and can lead to what Oscar Serralach, MD, calls Postnatal Depletion.
  • Symptoms of Postnatal Depletion can often mimic those of Post Partum Depression/Anxiety.
  • Many moms do not have the support they need, and feel overwhelmed trying to be perfect. For some women this mental/emotional struggle can go to the extreme of PPD or PPA, which warrants the help of a mental health professional.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During the 4th Trimester

  • Improved comfort while breastfeeding
  • Greater production of breastmilk
  • Reduced incidence of postpartum depression
  • Better bond between mom and baby
  • Improved immune function
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep


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