10 Health Tips From A Virginia Beach VA Chiropractor

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As most of you know as a chiropractor in Virginia Beach VA, I’m a holistic type of guy.  How I do my life in most ways is different from the norm and I’m okay with it.  Many of you at some point or another ask my advice on some aspect of health on doing something around the house and I share.  However, I don’t think I ever have written it down to give everyone access to some healthier alternatives in your life.  Most are really easy to do and cheaper than the norm.

Healthier Alternatives to Achieve Optimal Wellness in Virginia Beach VA

  1. Eat organic produce
    I will probably due to a health tip on this subject soon, but for now, know that if you aren’t eating organic it’s pretty much just crap.   Unless organically treated correctly, most soil is so depleted of nutrients it’s just not worth eating what comes out it unless you are starving.  While this will add an additional expense to your grocery bill it will decrease your medical bills.  EVERYONE of us is affected by the chemical stress of not having enough nutrients and it comes out in a lot of symptoms and conditions.

  2. Dryer balls
    Using dryer sheets is like spraying your family with DDT. It’s just a toxic, cancerous agent that really pushes a lot of skin problems.  Not to mention all of the toxins building in your body from it.  Remember your skin is your biggest organ and you absorb a lot through it.  Women absorb 30 lbs of cosmetics a year through their skin.   The alternative is wool dryer balls.  You can make them or pick them up cheap.  Just put some organic apple cider vinegar on it to stop the static cling and a few drops of essential oil.  We use peppermint.  Try to stay away from lavender since it is highly allergic to many people.

  3. A timer for your Wifi
    EMF waves are bad for the body. The real problem isn’t your wifi, it’s the 20-30 other wifis around you that are overlapping on you.  Don’t believe me.  Just search for a wifi and see them all.  This stress is on you 24 hours a day.  It’s hard to do anything about your neighbors, but you can get a timer to turn yours off while you sleep.  Something that many people say helps them sleep better.

  4. Oil diffusers
    Having problems with your hormones, women or men? Well, good chance it’s that new plug in you got from the store.  These things are cancerous and endocrine disrupters, meaning they are going to mess with your hormones.  Get a oil diffuser, a decent essential oil, and do an online search for recipes.  As many of you enjoy when you come in the office.  I’m just mixing stuff up.

  5. Toaster oven
    Please get rid of your microwave. It’s slowly killing you.  I can go into a whole bunch of info, but I think this explains it best.  Take 2 plants.  One just gets tap water.  The other water that is microwaved.  The plant with the microwave water will die.  They tell you they don’t microwave blood or formula because you may get hot spots.  The real reason is that it changes the molecules.  Besides not getting the nutrients you need, it becomes a toxin for your body that your intestines hate.  I know it’s a big change, but if you want to live healthy into your golden years it needs to be done.

  6. Loose tea
    I am a tea drinker and I’ll admit to being a tea snob. Over the last decade, I’ve drank loose tea.  If you know it or not, tea has a lot of health benefits, especially when it comes to dealing with stress. However, tea in bags isn’t healthy.  There is a lot of crap in those bags.  To start with most of them are plastic, yes plastic.  When you add hot water it gets into your system.  This crap negatively affects your endocrine system which can lead to a whole host of chronic health problems.   A good this is that loose tea is much cheaper than bagged tea.  We have Quintons in town to buy tea from or you can buy it online.

  7. Distilled Water
    Since we are mostly water and should be drinking roughly half our body weight in ounces per day, the water we drink should be clean. Distilled water is one of the cleanest waters you will get.  There is some weird belief that it will pull minerals out of your body.  I’m guessing some water purifying company started it, but it is completely false.  You can buy it in most stores although I have to admit that Walmart’s brand is crap.  I do test and their water turned brown.  Don’t know what that’s all about.  I get my water from Kroger and it stays nice and clear when tested.  I just fill up my reusable water bottle and I’m good to go.

  8. Duck Duck Go
    Now I’m not talking about the children’s game. I’m talking about the search engine.  Whether you know it or not Google became a pharmaceutical company this year.  With that they have changed all their algorithms. So now you will have a hard time finding alternatives to mainstream drugs on your searches.  You will also find a lot of information telling you alternative stuff is dangerous.  Their redirecting of your searches has gone beyond just health, but that can be another topic.  Plus Duck Duck Go isn’t tracking all your online movements.  Also a FYI, MeWe is the alternative to Facebook if you don’t want to be tracked on your social media.

  9. Shower Filters
    As we talked about before, your biggest organ is your skin. This organ really needs to be protected better, so these last 2 health tips are about it.  First up you absorb a lot through your skin.  So what you put on it needs to be as clean as possible.  Chlorine is used to clean water.  It is also a neurotoxin.  First off when you turn on the hot water in your shower you want to wait a minute before getting in.  The hot water and chlorine will make it a gas for you to breath in which affects your concentration.  When you get in your shower, all the stuff in your water is being absorbed into your skin which isn’t the best for you.  I won’t even go into swimming pools and hot tubs.  A side note is that if you squeegee your shower when you finish you will get all the extra moisture off your walls thereby decreasing the ability for mold to grow.  Doing this will decrease the amount of cleaning you need to do in your shower.

  10. Exfoliating Gloves
    These were an amazing find on Amazon. I got the heavy duty ones and they do an amazing job of removing dead skin.  Your body is constantly making new cells.  Having a fully functioning nervous system allows you to make them healthier.  Removing dead skin cells helps your skin detoxify your system thereby keeping you healthier.  Try it once and you will never believe how good your skin feels.

I hope these helped.  I have others and will probably do another one someday in the future.


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