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For a parent, very few things are worse than watching your child have a seizure. On top of that, so do most of the standard medical treatment options for seizures — heavy doses of hard-hitting medications that come with a litany of serious side effects or for the toughest of cases, brain surgery.

For the most part, still today that’s about all traditional medicine has to offer. Now thankfully like all things in that world, they can and often are life-saving. But they also themselves can be life-altering.

When you look at the long list of nasty side effects from these drugs, you wouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy. So you certainly don’t want that for your child. But most parents feel like they have no other choice, because seizures are so very awful, scary, and are of course a very serious neurological condition.

While many of our seizure patients have had documented traumatic brain injuries, many more have not. But in the latter group, nearly every single case we’ve seen clinicallyhas had a case history that includes significant stress during the prenatal period, as well as birth intervention that likely led to trauma and injury to the brainstem, vagus nerve, and autonomic nervous system.

Because the standard medical neurologist is not trained to look deep enough into a child’s case history, and also has no training in assessing the neurospinal and central nervous system in a more functional manner. These potential links to nerve interference are grossly overlooked still today.

Before we go deeper into this article, we must first sadly share that not much high-level clinical research has been done just yet on caring for seizures without the use of drugs and surgery. The traditional medical system is an enormously huge ship, and it takes literally decades to change procedures and common practices in that world.

Here’s how it works: Step one is scheduling a consultation with us. As a neurologically-focused pediatric chiropractor we know how to dive deep into a child’s case history unlike any other professional out there, listening and looking for the exact triggers and root cause factors of your child’s seizures.

Step two is finding out if your child has nerve interfernce or not. In order to do so we utilize an incredible set of technology called the INSiGHT. These INSiGHT scans are entirely safe and non-invasive, and take just 10 minutes to run. They consist of three (3) individual scans that will find, measure, and quantify how much stress, tension, and interference is stuck in your child’s autonomic nervous system.

Step three is figuring out an exact, customized Care Plan that fits your child’s exact needs. The exact ‘algorithm’ of this plan is determined by both the in-depth case history and scan findings.

Step four is sitting down with your us at the Report of Findings, going over the INSiGHT and exam findings, your child’s customized care plan, and having every single one of your questions and concerns answered.

And finally, step five is getting your child adjusted and under the care so that the nerve interference can be addressed in a safe, gentle, drug-free way!


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