Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Vanella is awesome! He takes time and actually listens to you before making your health plan. Very gentle chiropractic. I had severe sciatic pain and shoulder pain when I first walked in. But with talking to him and the scans, he uncovered other issues that I had been ignoring. I'm finally starting to feel like I should. I can't wait to see what will improve next Thank you Dr. Vanella!"

- Bonnie H.

"This is absolutely the most caring personalized chiropractic care ever. He cares about each patient on a very personal level."

"Absolutely the best. My reflection of how much chiropractic from such a caring person who knows how to help someone who has Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. Absolutely excellent results."

- Darlene L.

"Dr. V. wants to know each visit how I am doing. If I have no complaints, he still checks me out and treats any problem he finds."

- Molly E.

"Vanella Chiropractic is wonderful. I have visited over the years (at times due to high stress/injury) and recently have been going regularly for my best health. Dr. Vanella really cares and strives to help."

"My review from three years ago (still applicable):
Pleasant office; dedicated, professional, and skilled chiropractor!"

- Sheryl-Lynn C.

"At my 33 week appointment, my doctor said little man was no longer breech but transverse. These are the two positions my baby has been the whole time. The doctor said if he didn’t move into position by my 35 week appointment I was going to have no choice more than likely but to have a c-section this pregnancy. I asked my ob what could I do to help him move and he said well maybe if you talk to him he will magically listen. Nice right? With that said I immediately called Dr. Vanella and he said come on in we got this. I went for two session (was supposed to be 3 but life happened) and sure enough at my next appointment my baby boy was where he was supposed to be. Also my hip pain I have had since the 2nd trimester gone. My dr had no words, no more snide comments. I take my kids to see Dr. Vanella for alignments and when my son is born he will be coming there too. He is a good, kind man that cares deeply for his patients and listens to your concerns. The results may not always be immediate but they are definitely there. This is the man you want to see for your chiropractic needs!"

- Heaven L.

“My 9 year old had never gotten an A, he was a B & C type of kid. Since we have been bringing him here, he’s been getting A’s.”

– Kelly T.

“My son was really frustrated on the softball team because even though he could catch and throw really good he was never really good at hitting and because we’ve gotten care he’s been a slugger.”

– Bill R.

“In the winter, my child use to have constant sinus infections, colds, and ear infections. Since she started care with Dr. Vanella she hasn’t had a one.”

– Jaime D.

“My baby wasn’t developing like he should and missing many milestones. On account of me bringing him here for care, he’s been progressing beautifully. He’s all caught up and in some ways he’s advanced over other kids.”

– Heather B.

“We couldn’t get pregnant until we started getting our nervous systems cleared of interference. Within 3 months of starting care with Dr. Vanella, my husband and I were able to conceive.”

– Jessica M.


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