6 Great Places to Enjoy Nature in Virginia Beach

Whether you live here or are just one of the many people visiting here. There are many great places to get out and enjoy nature. The reason why is that it's a great stress reliever. Take a look at these places recommended by our Virginia Beach chiropractor.

The Oceanfront

Our beaches are great and clean. The city does an awesome job of making sure it's a beautiful place to visit and walk on. If you have traveled around the country and seen other beaches you would appreciate this, a lot. During the peak season from Memorial Day to Labor Day I have to admit it is a bit of a madhouse down there with all the crowds. However, there is something going on every few blocks so it's worth dealing with the crowds.

If you want all the beach and water have to offer, but want to avoid the tourist then you are better off trying out the North End of the beach which has fewer crowds and more of a rural feel. Just be careful where you park since most of it is residential which means a lot of places are off-limits to park.

Exploring the forests

First Landing State Park is great if you want to get back to nature in a forest setting. It has trails for biking and hiking that can run for miles if you want. Trails are all well marked for their use. So if you don't want to have to keep watching out on your left for bike riders then take the hiking trails. All the trails will give you awesome views of flora and fauna.

Red Wing Park is a different experience. You don't expect to visit Virginia Beach and see Cherry Blossom trees and a Japanese garden. Red Wing Park has both and it very much worth the visit and walk. The Cherry Blossoms are usually in full bloom at the end of March and you can enjoy the Cherry Blossom festival that happens around that time. The Japanese gardens are open all year around and an enjoyable walk through. Many people take wedding pictures there. Like most of the parks it has great walking trails. If you have a dog, then it's also a bonus for you since it has great dog park.

Mount Trashmore is where most people go to get physical or fly kites. It is the only raised land mass in the area so if you are looking for a raised view it's the place to go. Stairs up and down the mound allow for a very good cardio work out. Also you can take the path around the lake which has many workout places along the trail. Even though it is a large mound there is no sledding allowed.

Bayville Farms Park is another distinct park in the area. Tall pines keep you cool while you walk the park, watch your kids on the playground, or play Frisbee golf. This is of special interest since the 18-hole disc golf course is the first of its kind in Virginia Beach. Tennis courts round out this park.

If you want to take a drive Munden State Park down by the North Carolina border is a great place to relax and enjoy the Intra Costal waterway. It's a large size park so there is plenty to walk, playgrounds for the kids, and many watering holes if you like to fish. Or you can just use the boat ramp to go out into the waterway. Try some of the places out to relax and let me know which one you like best.