6 Great Places to Eat in Virginia Beach

Whether you live here or are just one of the many people visiting Virginia Beach. There are a few restaurants that your Virginia Beach Chiropractor thinks you definitely want to try.  This is in no order.

Jade Villa on Independence Boulevard

Jade Villa is located on Independence Blvd across from Pembroke Mall.  If you want Chinese food this is the place to go.  They have 2 menus an American (blue) and a more traditional cuisine (red).  We like the red one which allows us to try a lot of great dishes like Salty and Spicy Shrimp with the shell on.  During the week they are only open in the evenings, but on the weekends that have dim sum and other delicacies during lunch time.  Get there early for this since it brings in a crowd.

Mazari Kebab on Witchduck Road

Mazari Kebab is located on Witchduck Road across the street from Rosewood Cemetery. If you like shish kebab this is the place to go. The portions are nice sized. With a nice selection of 4 different things on your plate makes sure that your taste buds don't get tired.  A side note, if you get the Turkish coffee which is awesome, just make sure it is early enough in the day or you will be up all night.

Angelo's on General Booth Boulevard

Angelo's is located on General Booth Blvd between Redwing park and Dam Neck Road.  This is great Italian food.  I love it since I can get spaghetti with red clam sauce like my Nanny use to make.  The food is delicious with health portions which you would expect from an Italian restaurant.  The place has a homey feel as the owner always comes out to say hello to my wife and me when we eat there.

Sakura on Shore Drive

Sakura is located on Shore Drive in the Cape Story area.  There are a lot of sushi places as well as Sakura's around the city.  I've tried a lot of others, but this is my favorite.  The food is delicious and they have the best miso soup in the city.  It is nice and hearty.  Something special they introduced us to was green tea with a slice of white ginger in it.  It's really good and you should try it out.

Mi Casita on Bonney Road

Mi Casita is located on Bonney Road near Rosemont Road.  Now I'm a big lover of fish tacos and they do a great job with them.  My wife has enjoyed everything she has tried on the menu.  I have to admit I give them extra stars since they are close to where we live and they are open late.  This has worked out for us many times when something has come up and it's late and we have't eaten yet.  Mi Casita never disappoints.

Pho Bistro on Laskin Road

Pho Bistro is located on Laskin Road next to Trader Joes. There are a lot of Pho places in the city, I mean a lot.  This one stands out with the quality of their food.  Me, I love their clay pots.  It has a little bit of everything in it to satisfy your hunger.  The soups and wraps my wife has tried have been thoroughly enjoyed.

If you eat at any of these places let me know what you think.