Chiropractic Kids Have an Unfair Advantage

As a parent, I am delighted in the advantages I have been able to give my son. And, as a chiropractor, I have been equally delighted to be able to afford those same advantages to the children of my patients. I am referring of course to watching all of these children grow and develop as they should mentally, physically and socially without the shackles of a depressed nervous system.

“My 9 year old had never gotten an A, he was a B & C type of kid. Since we have been bringing him here, he’s been getting A’s.” – Kelly T.

“My son was really frustrated on the softball team because even though he could catch and throw really good he was never really good at hitting and because we’ve gotten care he’s been a slugger.” – Bill R.

“In the winter, my child use to have constant sinus infections, colds, and ear infections. Since she started care with Dr. Vanella she hasn’t had a one.” – Jaime D.

“My baby wasn’t developing like he should and missing many milestones. On account of me bringing him here for care, he’s been progressing beautifully. He’s all caught up and in some ways he’s advanced over other kids.” – Heather B.

“We couldn’t get pregnant until we started getting our nervous systems cleared of interference. Within 3 months of starting care with Dr. Vanella, my husband and I were able to conceive.” – Jessica M.

As a parent it breaks my heart to see a kids’ health at a distinct disadvantage because parents don’t know and understand what chiropractic can do for their kids. It’s better to grow healthy kids than repair damaged adults. Give your child every advantage to having the life and health others can only dream about.

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