New Patient Center

What Can I Expect?

By consulting our office, you're taking an exciting first step towards better health. Chiropractic care is different because it offers new ways to get well and stay well. We've helped a wide variety of people. One of the biggest things we offer is hope - and you'll receive plenty of that here!

We've prepared this information so you'll know what to expect on your first visit to our office.

You'll meet the doctor after filling out some brief paperwork describing you, your health history, and your health goals. We offer this initial consultation so we can both get to know one another.

If you're a good candidate for chiropractic care and we think we can help you, an examination follows. We'll study how stress is affecting your energy levels, nervous system, and overall health. Our examinations are thorough and will put you at ease.

We will study the results and give you a complete report of our findings. We will show you what we have found and the conclusions we have reached. If we find that you will benefit from consulting a different practitioner, we will make the proper referral for you. Otherwise, we will recommend a program of specific chiropractic adjustments.

With a plan in place to fulfill your health goals, we will schedule future visits. The purpose of these visits will be to locate and reduce your vertebral subluxations and monitor the healing process.

You will be joining millions who have enjoyed better health-without drugs or surgery. Welcome to our office!

How long until I feel better?

Some patients experience almost instant relief. Others discover it can take months, sometimes years. Every patient recovers at their own pace. Factors which can affect the healing process include your age, your overall health condition, muscle tone, diet and even your attitude.

When will I get my first adjustment?

It depends upon your complaint and how long it may take to study your examination findings. This is a clinical decision and varies from patient to patient.

Will I receive any medication for my pain?

No. Chiropractic doctors do not dispense drugs. Because we rely on natural methods, we can advise you on how to use ice to control any painful symptoms. Ice, when properly applied, can have an analgesic effect without the side effects associated with pain medications.


Maureen K Practice member since 2013
If you're a first-time, kind of apprehensive about seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Vanella is the man you want to see. I've been seeing him for a year now, and on and off, have had some minor issues that he has helped me with, and he's fabulous. He's gentle, and always will tell you what he's going to do, and you can always ask questions and not feel uncomfortable asking them. He's terrific and I recommend him highly

Pat M Practice member
This was my very first visit to a Chiropractor and I hesitated for weeks as to whether this would even help my problem. I am so glad that I finally made the appointment and showed up. Dr. Vanella made me feel very comfortable and I was amazed at how much better I felt, he explained every thing that was happening with clear understanding and thoroughly discussed my treatment plan.

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